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Why Automatic minibar ?


Study case for a 300 room hotel:

  Manual Minibar HOMI 226 HOMI 330

Actual billing

as % of real consumption  

               60% - 65%                                    90% - 95%                                     95%                     

Cost of goods

( as % from consumption)

30% 20% 17%

Cost of labor

( for a 300 rooms hotel)     

3-4 workers 1 worker 0.8 worker


(per minibar per day)        

$0.02 $0.01 $0.01












Revenue to the hotel – using automatic minibars increase the actual billing of the guests, it does not matter in which hour they will check out, the charge for the consumption will appear in the guest account. Also the average consumption with the minibar + the e-tray is higher.

Cost of goods – via the automatic system the hotel has better control on the inventory and the product's sold in the minibars and therefore reduce the cog:

-  the hotel will collect all revenues for all the consumption

- expired goods (can be detected with the system and give you alert of the expired date in which room)

- prevent theft of workers and outside contractor's that work in the hotel (the minibar door lock when room is check out)

Cost of labor – for 300 rooms the hotel needs only 1 worker (with the manual minibar the hotel needs 3-4 workers).


Service – with the automatic system at any point the hotel can see the real situation of the minibar in every room. This will prevent from the minibar attended to disturb the guest for no need, in rooms that the guest didn’t touch the minibar or if a guest consumes a certain item the minibar attended can do an evening refill to the full satisfaction of the guest.

Sales promotion – with the automatic system the hotel can offer all kind of sales promotion: happy hour, 1+1 and so. The system will charge the guest according to the sales offer.

Versatility – the automatic minibar offer guest a wide variety of cold drinks, sweet snacks such us:  330ml bottle and all kinds of 330/200 ml cans, 500 ml water bottle and 375 ml demi bottles wine, all kind of 50 ml miniature spirit bottles, all kinds of sweet snacks and salty snack like almonds/cashew and pringels