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Open Display Automated Minibar
HOMI 226™ Minibar- is a fully automated wireless system with an elegant open display, suitable for upscale and luxury hotels. The HOMI 226™ Open Display model enables the customer easy access to the products. Its inviting access offers luxury room service and hence, produce more reviews.
Unique Automated Minibar
HOMI 330™ Minibar- is a unique solution of automated wireless system for upscale and luxury hotels with a standout friendly design. It is patented unique mechanism offers sealed, yet reachable structure to enable unidirectional removal of the products and locked system for manual return
Smart dry extension
HOMI eTray™ - it external unit is an Automated extension for both HOMI 330™ and HOMI 226™ models. is designed to host 4 dry or room temperature products. Adjustable to different products and sizes including snacks, sweets, bottles or mini size products in a perfect fit slots
HOMI'S unique perspective on the difficulties affecting hotels using standard minibars has led HOMI to make a technological and conceptual breakthrough - automatic minibar The automatic minibar system, generate a profit center to the hotel by increasing the collected revenues and lowering the hotel OpEx. Via the automatic system the hotel can lower lost revenue, lower cost of goods, lower cost of labor and maintenance. The automatic system provide the hotel a better control on the minibars and its products (for a 300 rooms hotel around 6,000 items)
Manual Minibar
HOMI 530/ 540- manual minibars are most reliable, silent manual minibar fridges designed for hotel room use. The minibars are available in solid door and glass doors, currently offered in 30 Litter size and 40 Litter sizes
Smart Software Management Solution
HOMINet™ - is a user friendly, intuitive SW system that was designed to serve the hotel operating staff and front desk management to control the Minibars operational and logistic aspects in the most comprehensive and accurate way
Are you building a new hotel?
Design - Building a new hotel? Designing your dream location? Facing challenging space limitation or color requirements? We welcome special and unique designs